Getting Here

readmap Getting to Las Gaviotas is really easy! (Or it will be, after you read this.)


Learn what documents you need when you return to the US from Mexico here.
Passports are required.

Directions to Las Gaviotas

Some roads have changed, and these “getting here” directions will be changed soon!

Take either Interstate 5 or Interstate 805 south towards the Mexican border.

Make sure you exit the freeway at Via San Ysidro, about a mile before the border, for Mexican Insurance.

directions1As you cross the border, a red or green light will be activated.  This is done completely randomly.  Green means proceed, while if you get a red, you will be directed to a customs-inspection area. Don’t be nervous. Just wind down your windows and let the officials take a peek. They might want to look inside your trunk or under the seats. This is quite normal. When they are satisfied that you have no guns or drugs in your vehicle, they will wave you through.

As you depart the customs-inspection area, keep right, making sure you stay under the directions2 signs.

Keep right.


Wind along 6 1/2 miles of road & you will come to the first toll booth, where you will need to pay approximately (US) $2.20.  This is a great road & well-worth the bucks. 15 miles from that toll, is another toll. (There’s a Pemex gas station there in case you need gas or refreshments.)

Do you know what to do if you’re flagged down by the POLICE for a “violation”?

Surfer38 short miles later, and you’ll come to an exit that says “Puerto Nuevo/Cantamar”.  Turn right, so you are now heading north, (the way you’ve come from), and drive for about a mile.  You will see the White Horse liquor store on the right. Stop and pick up some Corona, lime and tequila. Las Gaviotas is opposite the White Horse, at K-41 1/2 on the left.  Tell the security guards at the gate who you are and where you’ll be staying & kick back!

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