Las Gaviotas rules

Las Gaviotas Community Rules for Renters, Guests, and Relatives

Here are the Las Gaviotas Community Rules for Renters, Guests, and Relatives, designed to preserve the peaceful environment of our private community:


1) Noise and Behavior: Disruptive noise and behavior are strictly prohibited, particularly between 10 PM and 8 AM. When sitting outside on a patio or deck, please be mindful that your voices are easily heard by neighbors and may be considered a disturbance. This is often an issue when people get together for a small party and do not realize that they are speaking louder than usual. Even when you are inside your rental home, excessive noise can be a problem. If the neighbors (or guards) ask you to quiet down, please realize that they are trying to preserve the peaceful environment of the community.


2) Hostile Behavior: Physically threatening or hostile behavior, especially towards our Security personnel, will result in an immediate $500 fine.


3) Pets: Renters and Guests are not permitted to bring dogs into Las Gaviotas, except for registered service animals with prior approval. no petsFor more information, consult your property owner/manager. Short-term renters are not allowed to bring family pets into the community. Long-term renters may be allowed pets if agreed to by the homeowner. Only owners (and some long-term renters) are allowed to have pets on the premises, and those pets must be registered with Las Gaviotas administration.


4) Glass Containers: The use of glass containers, bottles, or other breakable items is not allowed in any public area, including the pool, jacuzzi, beach, boardwalk, walkways, and streets. An immediate fine of $100 will be applied for violations.


5) Balcony Use: Hanging wetsuits, towels, or personal items on balcony railings or walls is not permitted.


6) Common Garden Areas: Surfboards, tables, chairs, or other personal property may not be left in any Common Garden Area, which are meant for the enjoyment of all residents, guests, and renters.


7) Occupancy Limit: Rental occupancy is limited to 2 persons per bedroom, with no exceptions. Violations may result in eviction.


8) Written Approval: No one is allowed in Las Gaviotas without the written approval of the homeowner. Unauthorized persons on the property will be reported to municipal police and may face arrest.


9) Fireworks: The use of fireworks is strictly prohibited within the Las Gaviotas complex, with fines of $200 for violations.



10) Drones: Drones may only be used over the ocean and launched from the beach. Use near or over homes is considered trespassing.




11) Restricted Transportation: Bicycles, skates, skateboards, rollerblades, and scooters are not allowed on the boardwalk or streets. Security and maintenance personnel are exceptions.


12) Proper Sewage Disposal: Do not flush disposable diapers, rags, sanitary napkins, face wipes, etc., down the toilet. Our sensitive sewer lines require careful disposal to protect the environment.


13) Garbage Disposal: Garbage must be placed in bags and deposited in covered garbage cans outside the home. Garbage cans should be kept in enclosed areas or covered with lids. Garbage pickup occurs on Tuesdays and Fridays.


14) Amenity Hours: Please observe the following amenity hours:

– Pool and Jacuzzi: 10 AM – 10 PM

– Beach: 6 AM – Midnight

– Children’s Playground: 9 AM – 6 PM

– Tennis/Pickle Ball/Basketball Court: 8 AM – 10 PM

Fines will be assessed for violations, starting at $25 per occupant or $100, whichever is higher. Repeated offenses may incur fines of $35 per occupant or $200, whichever is higher, and eviction without compensation may be considered for continued violations.


The residents of Las Gaviotas are happy to share their community with vacationers and enjoy meeting new people. They are helpful if you have questions or need recommendations for restaurants and surrounding attractions. In return, the Las Gaviotas residents greatly appreciate visitors who respect and follow the rules of the community.


Please note that these rules are not exhaustive. Feel free to reach out to your property owner or manager for a complete list of up-to-date rules. Violations are subject to fines, and repeated infractions may result in contacting the Municipal Police and potential eviction.

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